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Vaastu Project By Acharya Pankhuri Verma

Are you facing Family problems, Court cases , Child birth issues , Problems in your job/business, Property issues , Health problems, Married life disturbance??


Vaastu Project By Acharya Pankhuri Verma

Vaastu projects by Acharya Pankhuri Verma
Vaastu Projects By Acharya Pankhuri Verma



NOTE : There may be Vaastu dosh in your house.

Vaastu Expert Acharya Pankhuri Verma does the honest attempt in spreading the knowledge of Vaastu, which is lost in today’s western culture. She is making people aware of the science that is very natural and effective with proven results.


Word Vastu has been derived from VASTOSHPATI in Rig Veda.

What is Vaastu ?

It is the combination of 5 elements – 8 directions and electromagnetic force balanced for humans for their benefits like stability, health, wealth and prosperity.

Vaastu Projects By Acharya
Pankhuri Verma


8 directions of your house depicts Ashtlakshmi . Each direction will give u money but quality n quantity of money(through good or bad means),it depends on different directions. But you don’t have to worry. You can balance all the elements and Doshas of your vaastu(house) by doing some specific remedies.

Vaastu expert Acharya Pankhuri Verma makes the map of the house by taking measurement of each and every wall followed by the calculation of the exact central point (Naabhi) and central region (Brahmshtaan) of the house followed by the calculation of proper directions of the house.

Remove all the Doshas of your vaastu .Contact Vaastu specialist n expert Acharya Pankhuri Verma.