Vaastu Shastra Workshop 8-7-17


5000 years old indian architecture science “Vastu Shastra” is the science of the converted space. It was written down many centuries ago in Sanskrit, the Indian Latin, and it describes rules and instructions how to build healthy houses.In later times Feng Shui has emerged from Vastu in China. Vastu can also be called as the “Primary Feng Shui”.┬áVastu is the oldest and most global system of architecture in harmony with the life conserving rules of nature. It is not based on religion like Feng Shui, but it is a science with well-defined guidelines.┬áVastu tries to achieve harmony and resonance between the universe, the house and its inhabitants. As the universe and also the inhabitants can’t be changed, in the ideal case a house is designed in that way that it is tuned and in resonance to universe and to the inhabitants.Self-evidently, this is also valid for commercially and industrially used buildings and real estates.Houses, built or rectified according to Vastu Shastra create ideal life and working conditions and thus, the inhabitants and users can enjoy best health, bliss, wealth and inner and external fulfillment. A design and realisation of houses according to Vastu and Bau-Biology principles or even a suitable rectification and remediation creates harmony, low number of staff away sick, better creativity, higher productivity and thus,improves the economic situation of a company.

Some of the pics of Vaastu Shastra Workshop :












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