Saturn Transit Results in Capricorn 2020-2022 for LIBRA natives.

By the time the Saturn transit is complete in 2022 you will have decided to move or you may get transfer due to your profession. If you are super happy where you are living then this transit will manifest as a sprucing up your living space, especially if it has anything to do with refurbishing the old or remodeling. As 4th house is known as the house of beginnings and endings. It is more than possible that you will be thinking of a new future to be had, whether it is around work, or a renovation of your life in general. This can come from the nagging Saturn vibe to get to the core of unconscious behavior and a pull towards books and seminars that are geared to awakening the inner spirit. A re-commitment to family matters is part of this transit. It will be based upon who you want to be in relationship to your family and not from an automatic response of what you thought of as your responsibility.

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I can also see that you will spend more time with your mother’s siblings or situations may occur due to which you may have to spend time with them. Also, if you have some misunderstandings with them it is the correct time to resolve the matters. It is quite possible that you will join some social reform or NGO and will give your service there. Or if you are already a part of any, you are seen doing extra efforts towards that institution specially for domestic animals ones. By doing all this you will feel confident about yourself and will become optimistic. During this transit, even making a small effort to improve your health can make wonders.

You may even be considering if you want to have a child, and whether or not you have the structure in place in your life to bring a child into the world. If you are longing for a child and fearful of not having enough, Saturn suggests that you can overcome that fear by creating a plan. You need to remain attentive about domestic matter. If you are planning to buy residential property, this movement of Saturn seems supportive in this regard. This movement of Saturn seems favorable for you. But you have to extra efforts and work consistently to achieve desired level of progress towards your goal .

You are seen committed towards your seniors and bosses at your workplace. Grooming and brushing your skills and personality at this time will give you more and more success professionally. Natives who are in love and wanted their parents to meet their partner, it is the right time to bring your lover at home and introduce your partner to your parents.

If i talk about married couples, don’t bring problems of your workplace and argue with your partner. This is crucial time for you to communicate more about your problems with your life partner. Don’t bring communication gap in your marriage, if you do, you will feel very restless and frustrated in your own house.

Native in job/service one need to remain well focused at task and aim at improving performance and output as well. No major expense is seen for you. You are to remain in a comfortable position on financial front. You are able to manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably. Middle aged or people above 50 years and above may be troubled by pain in joints and muscles. Don’t try to ignore the health issues and take doctor advice.

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