Saturn Transit result in Capricorn 2020-2022 for TAURUS native.


For TAURAS native this Saturn transit is suggesting that you should take a hard look whether or not your education needs an upgrade which can help you achieve your financial and career goals that you have set for yourself. This is a good time and opportunity to travel abroad . Take advantage of this transit to travel to dream destination in the near future. Saturn may give you pleasurable as well as professional and profitable trip this year. This transit is special for TAURUS as Saturn is placed in your Fortune House and will remain here for the coming next two and a half years.
Saturn will impact the luck of these natives, good or bad depending on their horoscope. For the major period of time, Saturn will remain in the Uttarshadha Nakshatra which will influence the Fourth House (House of Family Relationship and Property Matters) and happiness as well as this House is ruled by the Sun.

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It depends upon the position of the Sun where it is placed in your natal chart or birth chart and which is eventually changing the effects of Saturn for you. Saturn rules two important houses for your sign. The ninth house linked with luck in general and blessings of higher souls. The tenth house denotes occupation, profession. This indicates that some constraint is to hold you from making desired level of progress. Positive results from your efforts may get delayed. Saturn is to test your patience and motivation to keep working consistently. Consistency will be the key to success. Job holders may feel insecure about their position. They need to improve performance and remain well focused on their work. Business persons need to explore new areas to expand their sale . You are going to remain in a sound financial position during this transit. You need to remain much careful about health too.

In this transit, such natives will feel very confident with their elder siblings. Making efforts in improving your relationship with them will help pay off your pending karmas. You will feel confident in meetings, will become more social and interactive with other people.

You are seen committed towards your younger siblings, short travels, blog writing (any type of writing) and with your gyming sessions as well.

Siblings of your mother may help you in your professional life directly or indirectly. Or you can make your career in Health related areas. Some natives are also seen working in NGO’s or social reforms specially for domestic animals.

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  1. Thank you, I am a Taurus rising Lagna and this is the first positive thing I have read regarding this transit for Taurus people. It showed up on my birthday, December 1st. You made my day!

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