Saturn Transit in Capricorn 2020-2022 for Aries Natives.

Aries :

With Saturn traveling through the sector of your chart for career in January 24th 2020, 2021 and 2022, this is a time to explore if you are happy with what you are doing. If not, the next couple of years will bring you an opportunity for a new job. Patience and hard work will be rewarded. Important factors will be to take your time to get things right, be willing to take a risk when you are reasonably confident that you are ready, and reflect on the path your career is taking you on, and whether the destination is one that you want to get to.

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When Saturn Transits through Capricorn sign, it is the Lord of the 10th House of Career and the 11th House of Income in the Aries ascendant or lagna Sign. It takes around two and a half years to transit through each Zodiac sign. This transit for aries natives is a favorable period for getting success in career. Saturn aspecting 12th house, 4th house and 7th house, may cause suffering or ill health of your mother and expenses on medical sector can also be seen.

Good time for getting married for those who are eligible. This is the favorable period for people in business, may get gains as well. Just in case you want to get into a relationship, it will be favorable for you and the relationship will be long lasting as well, though other aspects also to be considered.

Aries natives will feel very confident while foreign travel or by meeting foreigners. You are also seen giving your service in any spiritual organization or as a volunteer in a medical field. This transit will make you much committed towards your mother, home. Such natives during transit are seen starting the business with their spouse or their spouse may help them in their business as partners.

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