Saturn Transit effects 2020-2022 for SCORPIO natives.

Words, thoughts and language can be second nature to you. You are natural at being able to see through bull shit and speak to the heart of the matter. With Saturn in Capricorn transiting through your third house of communication this can be a time of great respect for your thoughts and writings, or a time that the restrictive side of Saturn keeps your thoughts closer to your heart to wait for the best time to reveal. It will be an excellent time to gather your memories from the past and journal your insights. If there is a novel in you, now is the time to set up a schedule for writing. Saturn demands discipline and out the right time and space to be serious about your writing will be rewarded.

In this transit Saturn is going to give you courage as it is transiting in the Third House. It shows extreme hard work in the coming two and half years and during this period, you will feel the need to work hard strongly especially when Saturn will be in retrogression. This will cause or build a feeling of agitation or frustration in you and will force you to put in more effort and hard work and push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

You may get into a conflict and you will also be harsh and rude in your verbal communication. This will take a heavy toll on your finances as you may incur huge monetary losses during this period of time. This period will also make you have conflicts with your children. Love life will remain dry and disturbed and you will not be able to live up to the expectations of your lover. During this period, your relationship with your Boss will be extremely fragile, so Saturn is asking you to be extremely cautious and avoid getting into an argument or disagreement with your boss otherwise the resulting consequences do not look good or in your favor at all. Favorable results of best efforts are to be delayed. Your patience is to be on test here. Business person needs to keep exerting and wait patiently to tide to turn your way. Job holder needs to try for improving performance to keep his/her position secured.

Your Father’s health needs your attention during this transit. You may also experience a communication gap between your father and you as he would probably not listen to any of your pieces of advice during this time even if it is in his favor.

Spending time with your children(if you are married) / lover, will help build a lot of confidence in you. You will be able to take right decisions in tough situations and will also be rewarded with the fulfillment of your desires. As communication gap is seen between you and your father but you will be very committed towards him, no matter what.

Some of you may settle abroad and make your career there. Or interaction with foreigners is also seen. You may get profits through them in your career. Being in isolation, doing meditation and introspection will help you know your karmas and you will be able to pay them off. You can connect with any ashram which will open the doors for your hidden karmas.

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