Saturn Transit Effects 2020-2022 for GEMINI natives.

Saturn being the 8th and 9th lord currently transiting in 8th house will demand your attention towards a few practical aspects of life, such as rethinking your insurance needs or if you have not done your insurance till now, its the right time. Making sure you are safe in case of the what if’s is important while Saturn will be in Capricorn. Another part of this time is when relationships that have been on the rocks, now is the time to understand your partner and reconcile if any good scope. Even romantic relationships can turn into business like. If you were interested or were thinking of doing business with someone or even independently, this time is favorable for you. Just remember to be extra practical and cautious this time like being attentive about the details of who is responsible for what. Saturn traveling through this sector of physical relationships demanding you being quite serious about what you want or don’t want in this department of life.

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You are seen committed towards your family and about what you eat. You will do whatever you speak in a very loyal manner. You can rise in fields like share market, teaching. Your hobby/passion can prove to be a second source of income for you. Chanting mantras regularly can help you unravel your pending karmas.

You are seen very much concerned about progress in your profession. I can see that you will do a lot of efforts in getting promotion or increment. You will impress your seniors/bosses at your workplace and will feel confident with them. Just be consistent, channelize your energy towards improving performance and keep working hard to achieve your goals. Some major expense related to family is also seen. Keep one thing in mind, plan finance with long term in view and keep enough provision for future. Take care of your health, do not ignore indications and immediately consult a doctor. Natives in service/job have to keep performing much effectively. Business person needs to keep contact with high worth customers to boost up their sales. Progressive thoughts are to work effectively for you.

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