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Speech of Astrologer Pankhuri Verma on Medical Astrology in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh :




I simply just started by watching Sun in 9th house which is my placement and i was quite shocked that she could tell so much about me just by one planet placement and without even seeing my whole chart … i was really impressed by that ….. i have a collection of horoscopes which is my hobby then i took it out and matched her views what she says in videos with the horoscopes i was really amazed that she was able to define each person so accurately ….. then i decided that i should take consultation from her … she did gave me consulation and i must say she was very spot on … she could even say just by seeing chart what even ur closest people will not know abt u ……was very satisfied with her consultation and anybody who wants a precise consultation should contact her as i did ….  Akhil Nair.. 12/5/17


Watched your videos of moon in 6th house and sun in 9th house. These are my placements and i could relate to so many things which you described. Keep sharing your knowledge.  ….  Shwetanshu Srivastava .. 12/5/17


Accurate prediction Highly recommended Astrologer… Sudeep Sinha..31/5/17


It is effective, & useful. Remedies are simple to perform. Details are monitored closely for remedies. Its nice to join here... Nikhil Rai Nikk.. 7/6/17


 I have derived great benefit and help from your readings and I hope to continue to do so. Astrology is a great science and I think you have mastered it….Manimala Yadav..13/6/17


Highly Recommended Blessed Astrologer personality with Divine Attire!! .. Sumit K Bhaatt..19/6/17


She predicted a date for my Problems solution and u no what it was the exact date I got my work done
Excellent prediction👌👌✌ … Sweeti Uppal Kapoor..25/6/17


Hats off to your reading and they are so accurate. It was really helpful, the way you interpret things so easily and giving deep insight of life through this divine knowledge.
Highly recommended.
Thanks a lot for giving me your time… Vishal Rastogi..5/7/17


She is calm, helping nature and having good knowledge of astrology…she has give me exact few remedies after analyze my chart. She is genuine. I wish a bright future ahead.. thanks
warm regards.. Vandna Kashyap.. 5/7/17


Thanks Shiv Astrology fr telling me about my life including both future and past.. 😊.. Shivam Diwan..5/7/17


Thank u dear for ur valueable time n readings..have a very vast knowledge n provides precise predictions… i wish u all d best…go ahead …. Gitika Adhikari..13/7/17


Thanks a lot,your reading clarified many things which were unclear to me.I am glad that I consulted you… Poonam Bhardwaj..15/7/17


Thanku so much miss pankhuri mam for telling me about my life both future as well as past u have very good knowledge. Thankz once again to u for alert me about my future…..Pankaj Kharbanda..16/7/17


Hi this is nice guideline about kids career nice thank you… Balubhai Gajera.. 18/7/17


Your reading is quite relevant and accurate..kindly also prepare PDF of your reading… Vijay Kumar.. 7/7/17


Thanks 🙏 for great readings ..God bless you .. Raj Sehgal.. 7/7/17





I have taken the predictions from pankhuri what i found that the girl is having a depth, knowledge in astrology.
People can surely relay on her for prediction… Ameya Sharma.. 27/6/17



She gave simple solutions for my problems and predicted some date..she has a good knowledge of astrology and I hope from her solutions will benefit.. Asshok D Mittal.. 2/7/17



Thank you Pankhuri Verma mam for your time and helpful reading… No one knows about future but some get blessings from the god and i guess u are one of them…. Helps others in making their ways… Thank you so much and bless you 🙏.. Abhinay-n-Garg.. 3/7/17



Thank you so much ma’am for your valuable reading. It’s so accurate for me n my life situations. You have good knowledge of astrology n palmistry sciences. It’s a precious gift of god for helping n guiding people in trouble. Keep the good work going. Thanks a lot once again. Stay blessed ! ☺.. La Vida Es Bella.. 3/7/17


Thanku so much pankhuri mdm to give me your valueble time..your predection is vry acurate for me.
Aapne meri life k liye jo bhi btya sub ed dum accurate btya h..aapne jo simple aur badiya solution diya meri life ki problm solve krne k liye essey badiya solution kisi k pas nhi tha..thanku u so much beautiful prediction 4 me like u..god bless our Quin pankhuri verma 👸.. Karan Soni.. 6/7/17


Made prediction very correct and to the point. Have very good knowledge of astrology..Sunil Jain..7/7/17


Thankx alott Pankhuri Verma mam for ur valuable time..Ur reading means alott for me.u gave me all answers in a very calm way.n u have good knowledge of astrology..
Thankx alott mam..Nancy Bansal.. 7/7/17


Concise and precisely to the point. Best part she doesn’t rush things to conclusion..Praveen Kumar.. 7/7/17


Thanks to Pankhuri ji..for analysis of my birth chart and giving valuable suggestions …Viru Rathod.. 8/7/17


Hi mam thank you very much for my daughter career guidance. It’s so nice..again thanks and also tell that being a a daughter.. You are the best astrologer. Singer,as it’s lead our society that beti bachhavo, beti padhvo..activity of our great PM narendra modijiji theory… Keep it up….I pray God as fulfilment of your dram and life ,,I also thankful of your parents as you are being a beti..fame and goodluck of your parents…jai sainath… Zinkle Limbad ..13/7/17


Thanks for your guidance.. Prabhu Kudal Dadhich.. 14/7/17


Very good prediction. Will take corrective action according to it.. Rajat Sharma.. 14/7/17


I think Pankhuri ji, you are master and genius for touch right areas of birth chart. I can say you have correctly predicted my present and past life. I hope God bless you for your bright future. I always refer your name to everybody who so ever in need of right prediction and right solutions. Jay Shree Krishna and OM Namah Shivay…..from Vipul Kathrotiya.. 16/7/17


Reliable advices from the very renowned and cute girl😍😍😍. I can’t believe how can she predict that much close to reality😊😊😊😊 . Want something more to know from you. Pankhuri Verma .. Neeraj Choudhary.. 19/7/17


Thanks for the prediction pankhuri .. all u said about me is true and I will work on that what u said to me to do. 😊 .. thanks a lot 😊.. Avi Singh.. 19/7/17


Thanks a lot Pankhuri ji for your time. Reading were accurate and to the point.. I will work on your suggested remedies and hope things will be fine..  Suresh Mathur.. 20/7/17


Thank you very much mam its nice guidelines..great prediction..again thnk you.. 18/7/17.. Balubhai Gajera


Thank you Mam. I am pretty much impressed with your knowledge & prediction on Astrology. I am once again thankful to you for the valuable time & suggestion, your reading were accurate & were helpful to me. It has alerted me to be very careful in my future life. All the best.🙂🙂🙂.. Shrivatsa Desai..9/7/17


Thank,s alot pankhuri ji for analyze my birth chart and give me best solution for my problems in future I will consulta for other issue’s thank you so much.. Bhupendra Singh.. 15/7/17


Shiv astrology leads u to a positive path by letting u know about ur life events
Helps in boosting the confidence in u to work towards ur goals and creating a happier world for urself
Feeling thankful to pankhuri verma
Great work keep it up….,�.. Parul Yadav.. 27/7/17


She is great astrologer liked speaking to her and very simple remedies given by her for our problems.. Sudhakar Garg.. 29/7/17


Astrologer P. Verma is a nice person and guides you with simple remedies for your improvement in life. I expect best from Shiv Astrology.. Amit Pednekar.. 31/7/17


I consulted Ms Pankhuri for my brother. The analysis she provided was quite thought off and she was able to pinpoint to the root cause of the problem which helped us in taking right steps towards the solution. She also helped with the queries that we asked for and the remedies for betterment of my brother. Would like to appreciate the effort. Thanks for your time.. Akanksha S.. 3/8/17

I consulted Miss pankhuri regarding my sons career and her suggestions were quite helpful. Even the stone suggestion done by her has turnout helpful. Thanks for the guidance.. Jyoti Jagtap.. 3/8/17


Thank u so much Ms. Phankuri…u really helped me to come out of the confusions I had in my mind…..u just didn’t tell me about the problems but u said the remedies as well…u made me feel positive… Thanks a lot….7/8/17..Shilpa Prabhakar


A Review on Whatsapp by Sandra.. 10/7/17

I had a good and accurate analysis and I look forward to have your consultations in future..Somil Palod..23/08/17

Pankhuri is not just any other astrologer who provides you answer to your query in a haste manner. She really does deep reading and analysis of your horroscope and provide you with the answer to whatsoever queries you may have. Also, she provides you with the remedies if there are any ill-coursed stars present in your profile.
She has that god gift and will, with which she is really helping everyone. God bless!.. Sudhakar Agarwal.. 24/08/17

I have consulted the new rising star in the astrology world Miss Pankhuri verma…..the most talented and beautiful astrologer i ever met. I was wondering how she got so much knowledge at such a young age, i discussed with her my all problems. she listened all very carefully took her time for the analysis and  shared reasons and remedies for those problems. I am very happy that consulted her and gonna recommend to all my friends and family.
I wish her best of luck for her future.

Thanks.. Rajesh Verma .. 24/08/17


I got in touch with ma’am via d I was struggling in life.dint know what to seemed as if there was no solution to my problems.but wen I messaged ma’am my details she gave me my exact predictions.and remedies to overcome my problem..I am very grateful to pankhurI maam for helping me out..I am sure her remedies will surely make me sail through my storm with much ease.. Mariana Mendes.. 06/09/17


@PankhuriVerma: She is a great reader & explains the issues & solution pretty well..

Great Going.. All the best. :).. Abhishek Aditya Sharma..01/09/17


Thanks a lot pankhuri madam.your reading is fantabulous . U tell me everything which is beyond my imagination . You are gr8.Hats off to uu😊😊 ..Garg Deep.. 08/09/17


Mam Pankhuri is excellent in prashna Kundli I am totally satisfied.. Ranjeet Singh..08/09/17


Best astrologer i have ever seen..fully satisfied…
Once again thanx for helping me…10/09/17.. Kunal Jain


Very nice and and accurate predictions….Saurabh Kacker.. 12/09/17


Thank you dear Pankhuri mam ….for such a amazing and accurate prediction regarding my all personal problems….u tell me everything that i want to know from a long time…. U clear my way and my thoughts .regarding my future….. And u r doing a great job ….keep it up.. DrTeena Khatik.. 13/09/17


Astrology starts from her .Absolutely remarkable prediction are made by her. Extremely professional , talented girl ,having friendly approach to clients. Gives ample of time to clients. soon she will gain apex position in unnecessary suggestion are made to earn money .so in my view this can be your destination where u can trust upon for true feed back..Ayush Gupta..16/09/17


Pankhuri mam has very good knowledge of astrology…she gives simple remedies to one’s problem..and she is very helpful to solve any problem..And her remedies works perfectly..keep doing good job mam..16/09/17.. Asshok D Mittal


Deep astrology knowledge ,positive mind correct prediction ,pankhuri Ji is very helpful..Rraman Narula.. 16/09/17



PANKURI mam has good knowledge of astrology, she gives precise prediction,taking into consideration the areas of problems her remedies are simple
Thank u for ur help.. 23/09/17.. Prakash Kamble


Madam has excellent in depth knowledge of vedic astrology. She has given me proper advice for my career & personal life etc. Also predicted about next mahadasha which is extremely useful for my future plans.. 05/10/17..Kiran Netke



she has deep knowledge of vedic astrology. she listens you carefully and clears all your doubts. she always tells you what your stars say, not what you want to listen. and the remedies, which are provided by her, are really very simple, easy to do, reach in everyone and effective as well. I wanted to know about my carrier and she told me the field in which I can do my best. in short vedic astrology is said to be an eye for human and she just lits a lamp in your path to success. very very thanks pankhuri mam.. 08/10/17..Neeraj Garg


ज्योतिष जो कि प्राचीन भारतीय विद्या है मेरा उसमे अटूट विश्वास है लेकिन ये विश्वास और गहरा हो गया जब पंखुड़ी जी से अपनी होरोस्कोप का विश्लेषण करवाया।
मुझे मेरे जन्म का सही समय नही पता था लेकिन पंखुड़ी जी ने मुझ से कुछ ऐसे प्रश्न पूछे जो एकदम मेरे जीवन मे घटित हुआ ये हो रहा है और Birth time rectification की अपनी कला से सही समय ज्ञात कर लिया जिससे बहुत सारी ऐसी बाते बताई जो मेरे जीवन मे हुई है।उनकी बताई रेमेडी भी अत्यंत सरल हैं।मुझे आशा ही नही अपितू पूर्ण विश्वास है कि आपके बताये गए उपाय बहुत सकारात्मक प्रभाव देंगे।
आपके सरल सहज और समानुभूतिपूर्ण व्यवहार के लिए आभार ओर उज्ज्वल भविष्य के लिए हृदयतल की गहराइयों से मंगलकामनाएं।.. 10/10/17..Lalit Kumar Verma


She is very prompt, professional and knowledgeable in her field.. 16/10/17..Shalini Kumar Nair


Thank u so much mam for giving prompt and satik reply…and remedies are very good that anyone can do it…..thank a lot….great job.. 17/10/17..Chirag Bhunatar


My experience with her was excellent. I had gone to her for consultation regarding my marriage . I am satisfied with the way she had consulted and I am looking forward for positive results to come…. Thanks Pankhuri Verma.. 22/10/17.. Anagha Nayak


Consulting pankhuri maam has been a great experience. I contacted her through social media and she replied promptly. Her predictions were accurate and thorough plus the suggested remedies were simple to follow yet very effective. I would definitely reffer others to consult pankhuri mam once.. 23/10/17..Anuj Sharma


Review via Mail on




It’s been a great experience consulting astrologer Pankhuri Verma. I find her quite professional and she possesses strong knowledge of astrology. She answered all my queries well and her remedies are simple, easy to follow. I thank her for her valuable consultation.
With deepest regards,
Shivani.. 18/10/17


Hi Pankhuri Ji,
Astrologer Pankhuri Verma, a beauty with brain. She has not only the talent of astrology but also has talent in dancing and singing. You can check her youtube channel. She has mellifluous voice.

Her prediction is very accurate and in professional way. She analyses the horoscope in detailed. Whatever she told about my past is right and she has given me an advise how to diminish my problems. She is very decent and elegant astrologer. Decent astrologers are as scarce as hen’s teeth in this world. While writing a feedback about her, I have no words for her. 🙂 I know her since last four to five months and we are connected through whatsapp, instagram, facebook and other social media too. She never forgets to reply and never avoid anyone. Come rain or shine, she will always reply your message. I love her nature. I wish best luck for her future and my blessings are always with her. 🙂 😀

Thank You.. 18/10/17..Nilesh Brahmakhatri


Hey hii

Come through ur profile on Google then after reading it I was highly impressed by ur videos n blogs so thought to connect to u n take professional reading n to your knowledge n the reading  made by u were soo perfect n easy to understand by ppl like me !
Plus n minus points were so perfectly explained  I was highly impressed n d remedies are so easy n to the mark I can feel the difference within 1st day of performing it
Pankhuri ur knowledge is unbeatable n to the mark
I found an architect of my life
I m Short of words n can’t even express things in words!
A big thank u
Happy to connect to u !
All the very best for ur future !!
Ashish prakash Bhansali
India.. 23/10/17..Ashish Bhansali


She is very good astrologer she explain in very good manner. She having lot of astrology knowledge. God Bless her.
Thanks.. 23/10/17..Sanjay pahuja


Dear Ms. Pankhuri Verma

First of all, let me say thanks from the bottom of my heart for giving me a golden piece of advice.
I  would like to say that your  astrological advice given to me was very much satisfactory, and remedies show were also within the reach of common man.
Further, I also found that, whatever  past predictions given were  accurate , and most important whenever I called you, to ask some questions, you were always available.
Thanking you for your kind support, God Bless You. .. 05/11/17..Sanjay Bhansali


Hii ,

        It was my edge of retirement from Armed forces , I was worried for my next career and opportunities. Then my family suggested that I should got to some astrologer.Then on net I started searching for most popular astrologer but finally I relied that I should go for dynamic Pankhuri Verma.
I forwarded my details to her and found that she is not an just a professional but she is best buddy in my need rather for everyone.she listened to me carefully as my counselor taken details and predicted that I will be clearing my all exam by end of October.The great news came on 22 October that I am selected as a credit officer in Bank.It was a pleasure for me and my family too. Thanks Pankhuri
Stay blessed.
In one sentence
Astrology starts from Pankhuri, unbeatable and salutable prediction by her .well behaved no business just prediction…13/11/2017..Ayush Gupta


Hello Pankhuri,

Thank you for the horoscopic consultation which you provided .
You were quite specific to the question and explained it quite well, the probability of events. At the same time, you were open to any questions and patiently answered them.
Also, the remedy Which you have suggested are quite simple and are easy to perform.
I thank you and will take your help again in future.
Regards, .. 25/11/2017.. Vivek Dwivedi


Pankhuri is a very young astrologer and her youthfulness brings something new to astrology Being coming of young people in this field and exploring something new and Her astrological guidance was quite satisfactory and prediction about finance was on expected lines and so I think I expect more to come from Pankhuri in future.. 25/11/17.. Jivitesh Chopra


You are very knowledgeable and young astrologer remedies given by you are very accurate and calculation also and effective too .. 25/11/17.. Dharmanshu Soni


Dear Ms Pankhuri Verma,
Thanks a lot for taking up the reading of my birth details.

I am grateful to you for your guidance and most importantly replying to my queries thereafter were patiently.

I am quite satisfied by your guidance.
Wishing you all the very best.

Regards.. 05/11/17.. Mahendra Doshi


dear mam pankhuri verma

In my whole life i am not believe in astrology science but your accurate prediction about my life,my life change perfectly,my all problems in my life solve only your instuctions and remedies.
                                        so thanks a lot dear pankhuri mam for solving my problems in my life,i will prey for god for your happy life and your astrology work for changing everone life difficulties in few days.
                                       once again thanks a lot and all the best mam
Vaibhav      … 09/12/17


Respected Madam,

      I was confused with things happening with respect to marriage decisions. And when I was losing my patience I saw about Ms Pankhuri Verma astrology predictions. Her knowledge is very deep about planets and it’s effects on human body. She has perfect knowledge and clear accurate predictions about past and future. I thank her very much for her guidance and I have chosen to follow her predictions in future. I request people who are in problem where they are unable to sort it out can consult her once and surely i assure you will come out of the problem what you are facing. .. 11/12/17.. Amit Kinnari


she is a well versed astrologer….even though she speaks so fast its exact to the point….she points out the suitable career prospects  and say what all career is good for you in a straightforward way ….May god bless her.. 17/12/17.. Ajith K Narayan


A Few Reviews on my Facebook Group(Shiv Astrology ) :


great 👍 personality..Accurate chart reading..Thanks a lot 🙏🏿🙏🏿…. Priti Rajeev Sehgal..22/5/17


Special Thanks to Pankhuri for her amazing analysis of my chart.. her extensive knowledge and great analysis is indeed a great experience.. Thanks again..Gautam Bakshi.. 18/6/17


Thnkew so much for Ur precious advice .. really helpful…best u r.. Kavita Gupta.. 15/7/17



Very correct readings. Pankhuri Verma is a very apt reader. Whatever she told is correct and will surely take corrective actions.. Abhilov Agarwal..15/7/17


Thank u so much Pankhuri for ur prediction, prediction is absolutely right, I will work on remedies … Anu Goel.. 17/7/17



Whatever she told me was accurate, and all her remedies were very effective. I was told that I was manglik by another astrologer, so I had to consult an astrologer for foretelling my future. She took my birth date and told me all the major things about my personal and health life. She has prescribed me certain solutions and they all have helped me improve a lot in controlling my anger, and in dealing with my professional as well as personal life. I received perfect advice from her and I found her charges completely worth it !! …. Deepak


Pankhuri Verma is a very gud astrologer…She gives concrete predictions and advice…she doesn’t force anyone to do anything like to sell his gems and stones and all that…Stop relying on fake astrologers…if you genuinely need some advice on any issues…go to Pankhuri Verma…..Best Astrolger…. Sakshi Suri


She is such a nice person who guided me well…I felt at ease when I discussed all my problems with her…She used Kundli method for making predictions. I found her charges really reasonable as well…Her dedication and vast knowledge are the reasons why I hired her in the first place… Sankalp


She is a genuine astrologer who always makes accurate predictions using Kundli method… I have taken consultation regarding career and education. I found her suggestions really helpful …Thanks a lot 🙂 .. Shikha


Satisfied with her services ____ had consulted her on the phone for my family…she listened to my concerns actively..made me feel comfortable.. And advised me affordable and effective remedies..and I can see the improvement already..the prices are also very affordable and lower than other astrologers.. Would certainly recommend her !!… Sakshi