Ketu In Second House

Ketu Depicts Spine, past life, outcaste, inter-caste relations, spirituality, scissors, sacrifices. It is an expert. Second House of the horoscope is called the Dhan bhaav that is represents the accumulated wealth, Family, food, speech, communication.

Such native’s focus point of their life is family. They are always focused on their family directly or indirectly. If they are themselves not interested to get involve with their family, they face such incredible situations that they have to deal with the matters of their family. No matter what they are here to deal with their family, they may like or not.

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Such native with ketu in second house are experts in knowing the tips and tricks of how and where to save money. That is they know in which way they can save money which will give them profits either in share market, mutual funds insurance etc. People may come to them for their advice on how and where to save the money. But when it comes to them they are unable to take good decisions for themselves. In other words, either they become totally detached from it or they may not able to save money that is there can be more expenses in their life than saving.

Such native can earn money by gaining occult knowledge or insurance related fields. I have also seen that such natives not many time but surely for once in their life have to face grave situations regarding money. They may face sudden ups and downs in their life regarding wealth, reason can be any. So this placement of ketu is helping you to understand that saving money instead of doing unnecessary expenditure is a good idea. Also, For such natives you can credit your salary or transfer money in any other person’s account instead of transferring in your account directly. Why ?? Because this will help you save money.

Such native’s money can also be spent on the health issues which are either very mysterious or incurable in nature. As you have to continuously deal with family issues in your life, but your family members will not be able to understand completely or may repel your views and your company sometimes. Some misunderstandings with your mother’s siblings are also seen. Although your mother’s siblings will be very spiritual.

It is your duty/ dharma to focus more on service than on business but also depends on the whole horoscope. They should respect their seniors and bosses which help rise in their profession. You should also serve your mother-in-law if you are married which help you pay off your prarabdh and open the doors of liberation as well.

If you are eager to gain occult knowledge or if you are already learning or you are unable to focus on it, you are confused all the time about it. Then you can try one trick to understand it very well. Whenever you feel you are facing obstacles in gaging occult knowledge just keep the books on side and spend some quality time with your family. You can also take them on any spiritual trip, on dinner or just make their favorite dish. You will be shocked to see that obstacles are slowly getting vanished.

So, these were few of my observation when ketu is posited in second house of their horoscope.

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