Do you believe in astrology ?

Crisp answer to this question is “Yes, I do”. But actually answer will be NO. Because when I look into people lives by studying their horoscope, faith plays more important role for me than just believing in it.

If you ask the astrologer that do you believe in astrology will be similar to when you are asking a surgeon that do you believe in doing surgery? Surgeons are near to perfect in doing surgery and asking them such a question is not a proper one. I can feel and see astrology playing role in my life daily. As it is easy to understand. Like surgeons i too don’t need to believe

What benefit will I get through Astrology ?

See, anybody can follow astrology. Its not just a way to only know about your moon/sun sign or planets placement. By knowing just these things will not define who you are but main aim of knowing astrology is to get right guidance to walk on right path and to do good karmas. Yes you will definitely will be able to know your positive and negative traits but each individual is the mixture of 12th houses and 9 houses placed according to their prarbdh.

From choosing a correct and right life partner, accurate profession, knowing about your love life to many more issues, following astrology and your birth chart can open your eyes to different ways of thinking, looking into life through different perspective by which you will be able to know about yourself and other people around you in more accurate way.

What is the requirement of time of birth in the horoscope ?

The planets are constantly moving around and switching from aspect to aspect, so the difference of an hour can affect your birth chart, Moon sign and Rising sign — and in turn, this will affect who you are. You can find your birth time information from your birth certificate or by asking your parents. The closer you can get to your specific birth time, the better.

What is a chart wheel?

Chart wheel is the picture of the natal placements of planets in the sky at your birth time. Each chart wheel consists of 12 houses which never moves but yes signs move. There are nine planets and 12 signs. Planets are the types of energies and each house represents how those energies express.

Is horoscope predictions explained in newspapers right ?

Predictions done in newspapers or magazines are based on western astrology which is basically based on sun sign astrology. There are billions of people in this world with different nature, prarbdh or we can say pending karmas. Every individual has a specific aim behind their birth which they have to complete/achieve then how can all people have same predictions based only on sun sign.

What is  Ascendant and explain its Importance ?

Ascendant is the sign which is on the eastern horizon at your time of birth. It is basically the sign placed in the first house of the horoscope. Ascendant represents the personality and soul of the individual. It is different for every individual.

I am insecure about being open up about my personality and personal matters as astrology might be true and astrologer may see things which i don’t want to discuss.

If you are very sensitive and insecure then you can choose an astrologer who is very kind, positive person, whom you feel will be right to discuss your matters.Then you can share your insecurities and weaknesses with him.

See every human has their strength and weaknesses. And it is human tendency not to look or discuss about negative aspects. But try to understand one thing that if you can’t change or work upon your negative side or weaknesses then how you will be able to focus or improve your positive traits. If you are very sensitive towards facing hard reality of life the you can slow down a bit keep working upon your weaknesses.

What is the main difference between astrology and psychic reading ??

Reading done by an astrologer is based on a map which was made when you were born. For making that map astrologer need your birth details that is date, time and place of birth for readings which is a difference between an astrologer and a psychic reader. Such a map is read by a trained astrologer which can predict without being a psychic. For a psychic reader, he/she does need to spend an hour or so before the session on the native, its based on walk in session. But for an astrologer, he/she has to spend at least an hour to analyze the birth chart and then arrange the session, which is the second difference. Thirdly, native has to depend on the psychic reader for the predictions but no dependent relationship is required with the astrologer as you can yourself analyze your own chart once you have knowledge of it.

My friend went to an astrologer and had an unpleasant experience. Are they all same?

Definitely No. Yes, i agree that there are some bad fishes in the lake but exceptions are always there in every field. Most of them are very genuine and provide genuine consultations. Selecting a good astrologer is very important. He should be of good morals. As session with an astrologer will shape your personal growth. But how one can find out that what are the good morals in the sphere of astrology ??

When you are confused and don’t have knowledge about what services you have to take from the astrologer, there are more chances of taken advantage of. There are two types of groups of people. First who are very superstitious and believe very easily and the other group is of cynic who don’t believe even after getting proof. Such groups have their own previous knowledge on which they judge an astrologer which can create problems in both the cases. This becomes difficult to judge an astrologer in a right manner.

What are your expectations from a genuine astrologer ?

One expects from a good astrologer what a person would expect from a genuine doctor, lawyer, psychologist or any other consultant. Your astrologer should be confident about your horoscope and details discussed during session. He should maintain proper professional boundaries. He should maintain good behavior should not attempt nay seduction etc. He should take care of religions, caste and should be tolerant enough. An astrologer should be confident and well trained in his field. He should clear the fee options clearly before booking the sessions to avoid misunderstandings. An astrologer should not fear you in any way but shapes your thinking in such a way that you look into life with a positive attitude.

Would you tell me about my boyfriend?

About requests for readings of third party charts.

I do not offer in-depth readings of charts for a third party, so please do not ask me to look at your boyfriend’s chart and tell you how he ticks. The main reason for this is that each piece of the chart can be lived out in a multitude of ways. Unless I have the native (the person whose chart it is) there to validate my interpretations, I can’t be sure that I’m giving useful, pertinent information. You are the ultimate authority on yourself and your life, and so is your partner the ultimate authority on theirs. Reading someone’s chart when they are not present to relate it to their own experience can lead to misinformation which can confuse and even poison a relationship. Please don’t go there.

I am willing to take a brief look at the compatibility between your chart and theirs, and this will tell you whether you want to take the next step and get a full-sized reading for the two of you.