Effects of Ketu in Twelfth House.

Focus point of such natives with this placement of ketu in their lifetime will be long travels, isolation, foreign lands. Directly or indirectly they will have to deal with the matters of foreign lands / court / hospitals / jails / ashrams etc. It is quite possible that you may be a doctor working in a hospital or a jailor in police.

You will have to deal a lot with foreign people / lands. Many people with this placement often go for long travels but either they get bored or loose interest very soon.

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You will not like to be in isolation much. If you like doing meditation a lot then every time you do it, will face some blockage in completing it. You will like to go on spiritual journeys but simultaneously it seen that whenever you plan for a spiritual journey a sudden obstacle can cancel your plan or any type of delay is also possible.

You are seen facing sleeping sickness, sleeping disorders or insomnia. You will face health issues due to incomplete sleep. Also, you may face some sort of disturbances in your married life due to lack of bed pleasures. You will not show much interest in physical intimacy due to which some misunderstandings with your spouse is possible.

You will become very intuitive or your intuition power will increase whenever you will go on a long travel. Also, increase in spiritual knowledge is seen. In some cases spiritual awakening of the individual is also possible. Financial conditions of your in-laws will be very weak. They may be in loans / debts.

Also, I have observed that you may experience some magic whenever you go on a long travel. It is quite possible that you may be a traveler / fisherman in your past life. You will not be a spendthrift. Instead you will advice others on how and where to save money. I have observed that people with such placement do expenses more in occult related fields / astrology / travelling / hospitals / legal matters.

Your paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather will be very spiritual in nature or may have interest in hidden knowledge. You may learn from them. Also, some sort of detachment or separation is also seen from them. Your first baby will have strong intuition power. He/ she may face piles or blood related issues. Also they may catch more infections. Your first child will have interest in medical / research / occult related fields.

You will get spiritual knowledge mainly through your mother / homeland. But there is lack of family happiness in your case. Some misunderstandings / detachment with your mother is also possible. I have observed lack of gain from family life or lack of enjoyment of family life. But it is also possible that you will get the secrets of hidden knowledge from / due to your family. I have observed that whenever you will face some issues in your family life or with spouse you will gain a lot of hidden knowledge/ money and vice versa.

You are very confused in keeping yourself in routine or you may not be able to follow a proper schedule. To overcome this problem try to get engage with any genuine spiritual ashram / organization. Or go on some vacations, try being in isolation.

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