Effects of Ketu in Third House

The focus point of such natives with Ketu in 3rd House is their younger siblings, communication, friends, travels etc. Directly or indirectly, whether you are interested or not you have to face or deal with these matters in your life very often.

Your true or hidden nature is artistic one. People with this placement did not come to know about their true nature. Through this blog i am trying to tell you that if you are running from communication, painting, drawing, dramatic arts, sports etc, try and understand that these are your true capabilities, once you accept it your many problems related to your younger siblings, communication will start getting resolved gradually. You can sharpen your skills simultaneously with your main profession. Yes, you will face a lot of obstacles and will also get frustrated while pursuing your creative skill but remaining consistent will help you a lot.

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There are less chances that you will have younger siblings. But if you have, then a lot of misunderstandings and arguments are seen between you both. You will be least interested in filling the communication gap between you too.

You like to stay away from your neighbors. Or due to situations you may not get chance to mix up with them even if you try to. Same case is with your friends. You will make friends really fast but in a faster way friendships will get broken. This will be due to your ignorance towards them. You may get a lot of intercaste friends or neighbors. Or while you are travelling you may meet a lot of intercaste people.

You like to cut sentences while speaking or writing something. In other words their is no continuous flow in your speech or articles. You like to cut a whole sentence into 2 or 3 more short sentences.

You will not be of rebellious nature in your teenage. Even if you were you will pass through that phase in fraction of seconds and in another minute you will become calm and soft person again. Also, sometimes whenever you speak something it gets true. So please don’t try to say anything negative about anybody. You have that power, so use that power to say positive things about people.

You have to improve three things in your life. Firstly, improve your communication skills. Second, try to get more social and interact with people. Do not try to get isolated which will only leave you with depression and anxiety. Third, try to accept your true capabilities and start practicing them.

Also, i can see that whenever you make plan for quick/short travel either due to some sudden event/obstacle it may get cancelled or you yourself cancel the plan.

Your father-in-law may not talk so much, he may be very clever. Also, some misunderstandings are also seen between you both. You can face some problems in the joint assents due to your father-in-law

There is a good news for you all. Since third house is the Upachaya house. As your get older and experience in your life with time you will be able to resolve issues with your siblings, friends, neighbors and also communication problems are seen getting resolved gradually. So do not worry if you face problems in these areas of life initially but gradually it will get resolved. Condition is that you have to be very consistent and continuously do hard work and efforts towards them sincerely.

Hope you like my observations. Your comments and views are welcome!

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