Effects of Ketu in Tenth House.

Focus point of these natives will be their profession/career, in other words their karma. Directly or indirectly they have to work constantly in their life. You will have to deal with the bosses more often. Such natives are very confused/lost in their career till they get right guidance from someone. Once they get the right direction in their professional life nobody can stop them.

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Such natives can do very well in research, occult, mysticism, military, spirituality. In other words they can become a genuine healer/psychic.

They may have to face some issues in their life, especially in their profession due to their mother-in-law. Your mother-in-law will be very clever by nature, so there are high chances of misunderstandings between you two. You will have to face sudden fluctuations in your workplace that is sudden rise or fall.

Your seniors, bosses will be very clever and smart. Do not disagree with them in their right decisions otherwise you may face problems in your office. Your bosses/seniors may have habit to speak short and crisp sentences instead of long sentences, they may also love to do work which require cutting or editing.

It is possible that you may do a lot of job change in your entire career or you may change posts/field in a single company many times. Also, I have observed that such natives get to deal with many bosses, as their bosses / managers will change a lot.

It is quite possible that you may have to live separately from your family due to profession. Also, your eating habits can also suffer which will directly affect your health. Your family has a lot of spiritual knowledge, learn through them.

I have also observed that whenever you will face some health issues or debt related matters in your life, other problems will automatically get reduced. Also, there will be some misunderstandings with your mother’s siblings. But it your dharma to resolve issues with them. Also, kindly observe the whenever an enemy enters your life, relations with your mother’s siblings will improve.

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