Effects Of Ketu in Sixth House.

Focus point of these natives in their entire life will be health, enemies, debts etc. You may face such diseases which are either mysterious or incurable. Doctor may not be able to find out the cause of the disease. You may face issues related to spine and you are more prone to infections. I can see that you are very careless about your health. You may ignore small health problems and repent when they become a big issue. So before repenting try to take your health a little seriously.

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You may face very clever enemies. Any one from your in-laws may become your enemy which can affect your married life. But a positive aspect of this ketu’s placement is that your enemies will not able to win at last. You will overcome them directly or indirectly. This is the reason you are carefree in this area. You may loose any joint asset with your spouse in a loan or health issue.

You may link with any small social reform or non-profit organization whether you like doing social service or not. You may face a lot of incidents in your life where you may deal with pet animals or you may link with any social reform or non-profit organization who takes care of pet/domestic animals.

Sixth house is of prarbdha karmas. If you want to pay off or reduce your prarbdha you have to get attached with a social reform. You have to do social service, helps others. Go for a walk, do yoga, join a gym. In other words, take care of your health.

I can also see that your mother’s siblings will be very spiritual and clever as well. There may be some sort of misunderstanding / cut off with them.

If you want to travel abroad. Or if you want to join any spiritual organization or ashram and facing a lot of blockages. You have to do some efforts to fulfill your desires. Try clearing misunderstandings with your mother’s siblings. Try to communicate with them often. Try raising any pet animal, take care of them. Also, it is very important for you to follow a routine. Then you will see miracle and fulfillment of desires. People not able to meditate should also try all this.

You may face some issues with your bosses/ seniors at your workplace. You may not get good bosses or you may not get correct guidance through them due to which you may switch jobs more often. Also, issues with your mother-in-law can also be there but she will be very spiritual.

If you want to grow in your life, become successful, then you have to get involved with your family matters very often. Try doing more savings than expenditure. Also, someday if your family need help financially from you, never say NO to them. Changing your eating lifestyle or clean eating is very important for you. Following all these tips will help you achieve your aim.

Since 6th house is upachaya house, as your age increases and you will experience a lot in your life you will be able to come into routine or live a disciplined life. In other words, you will start valuing a disciplined life. Also, relationship with your mother’s siblings will also improve as time passes.

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