Effects of Ketu in Seventh House.

Focus point of such natives in their life is marriage, business, relationships. They have high chances of inter-caste marriage and if 7th lord is also connected with ketu, then very high chances of inter-caste or inter religion marriage. Such natives are devoted towards their partner or married life. They should learn from their spouse the tips and tricks of handling the relationship. As they will be very devoted towards spouse but they run from responsibilities. They are not able to tackle situations in their marriage. They ignore their married life or spouse sometimes or act careless due to which they may face problems in their married life.

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In case of business, specially in partnership in business, they leave all work and responsibility of business on their partner. They don’t give importance to it due to which they may face losses in business or their business partner may cheat on them. Try to work together and improve your strategies.

You may get inheritance from your in laws. You and your spouse may face some health issues after marriage. Don’t avoid them and consult doctor. Your spouse may have interest in hidden knowledge, astrology, IT, medical fields or research etc.

Your elder siblings and best friends will be very spiritual. But you may also face some misunderstandings with them. Any sort of detachment may be there. Also, there may be some obstacles in fulfilling your desire. You may not have any interest in interacting with other people and you may avoid going into social meetings or organizations.

Whenever there is some sort of fight/argument/detachment with your younger siblings or online friends or neighbors you will notice improvement in your communication skills, you may go for a quick travel or you may start practicing creative/artistic skill.

You are very confused at times. You may not be able to take right decisions at important times. To improve such situations try spending time with your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend/ business partner. Or you may gift them or go on a lunch/dinner with them. By giving importance to your relationship or acting responsible you will be able to feel confident and will take wise decisions.

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