Effects of Ketu in Ninth House.

Focus point of such natives will be their father, long travels, lineage, forefathers, traditions and rituals of their family. Directly or indirectly they have to deal with the matters regarding above in their life.

Placement of Ketu in ninth house shows some sort of detachment or separation from your father. Whoever your guru or inspiration (guru-like) is, there can be some misunderstandings with them. Or because of your own disinterestedness or ignorance you may not get guidance from that guru-like person. Your father may face spine related problems and he will catch infections more often.

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In case of higher studies, you can do very well in theology, spiritual law or clinical psychology. Or you may love to pursue your higher education in any language. But you may also face some blockages in completing your higher studies. Your interest will also be in astrology or vedantic knowledge. Any type of research or hidden knowledge subject you can pursue.

Placement of this ketu will also create problems in your luck or destiny. You will face some obstacles or due to any sudden event you will not able to complete any important task. Also, I can see that in-laws can become an obstacle whenever you do some important task of your life. Financial position of your in-laws may also suffer.

You may be fond of long travels as well. Your spiritual awakening may happen due to any spiritual long travel. Also your spiritual knowledge will increase when you travel a lot due to meeting any guru like person on the way.

I have also observed that people of this placement, whenever they are in the conversation with their guru or talking about their traditions or rituals of their family or planning to meet a friend, a sudden wave will pass through their mind due to which they will cancel the plan to meet a friend or start arguing with that guru like person or start cursing his forefathers, lineage etc.

If you are a writer or publisher or even a blogger, you will face issues in writing and publishing your matter. You may not be able to complete your work in decided time limit. You may love to write books, blogs, articles on astrology, occult, mysticism, paranormal activities etc.

You will be very spiritual. But your health will get affected at once even if you eat wrong any day. Also, stop self-doubting and self-rejection and do self-appreciation which will be very helpful for your mental and physical health both.

Due to some reason you will be separated from your first baby. Also, you may face a lot of break ups in your love life. I have observed that whenever these people face any misunderstandings or fights with their lover or when a lover enters their life, they become more creative, artistic. I mean to say they start practicing their hobby or passion.

If you are facing issues with your friends or if you are finding difficulty in making new friends, or if you are facing problems with your younger siblings or neighbors, try to reduce the communication gap with your father. When you will start respecting your forefathers, father, guru like person in your life you will see gradual positive changes in the above matters.

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