Effects Of Ketu in Fourth House

4th house of the horoscope depicts your mother, family happiness, property, vehicles and planet Ketu depicts Sacrifices, spine, spirituality, past life etc. The focus point of natives whose ketu is in 4th house is their mother. There is so less or I must say no understanding between you both. Even if you try to be emotional with her she may ignore you or situations may occur due to which you may get detached from her. You may not get much chance to serve her. I can see that your mother will be very clever and may have interest in spiritual law, astrology or in medical fields. Being a house maker doesn’t matter to her, she may have capabilities to become a house doctor as her grasping power in such fields will be very high.

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You may be detached from your home. You may not like to remain at home for a longer time period. You feel restless and frustrated if you spend a lot of time at your home or with your family. Or you may like to be far away from home as much as possible. Whenever you are ordered by your boss to do work from home you may get irritated or depressed. At once negative thoughts may surround you. As you like doing work in office only. This lockdown period for many of you must have left you depressed and in anxiety. If you ever try to do some work at home you may not be able to do it due to some sudden obstacle/event.

You may have to deal with some sudden event due to your mother or after marriage. Also, it is possible that after marriage your intuition power increases or you may get a property/vehicle in inheritance. See, whatever type of relationship you may have with your mother she is very intelligent and clever, try to grasp her good knowledge which will prove to be very helpful for your future.

I can see a lot of interference of your in laws in your married life due to which you may definitely face problems with your spouse. There will be clash in views between you both. This will also become a reason of getting detached from home. You may be detached in property/vehicle related matters. Even if you have a lot of properties and vehicles you will not care much and will not give much importance to it. Also, it is possible that you may not get the chance to drive your vehicle much even if you own many cars.

This placement of Ketu says that your true nature is to respect your mother, make her happy, serve her no matter how much harsh or tough she is to handle. Try to spend quality time at home with your spouse specially which will help pay off your negative karmas. If you face problems in your profession try to gift something to your mother or your spouse or try to go on lunch, dinner etc with your family. Try servicing your vehicle yourself. Clean your house once a week on your own. Buy decorative items for your house. Doing all these will improve situations in your workplace.

Placement of ketu in 4th house will create misunderstandings with your in laws. Your in-laws may have interest in tantra vidya or any other type of occult science. Also, you may face issues in the joint assents with your spouse.

If you want to pay of your negative karmas, if you want liberation then it is your duty to understand the physical needs of your life partner. As I can see lack of bed pleasures as well in your married life. Try to get involved with people of other country. Try to get involved with any spiritual organization. Try doing meditation and yoga. If you travel abroad try to visit their spiritual place. By getting involved in these activities will help you become more optimistic personality. Also some these natives may face issues like sleeping sickness or insomnia. They may take a lot of medicines only to get a good sleep. There will be no need of taking medicines if you will get involved in the above said things. All these will bring back your life on the right track.

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