Effects Of Ketu in Fifth House.

Focus point of life for such natives will be education, children, love affairs. They may have much interest in technical fields like engineering, coding, programming, medical, astrology, more than non-technical fields. They may face some blockages or obstacles in completing non-technical education. (Results also depends on the whole horoscope). For example, Ketu conjunct Jupiter in 5th house makes a native spiritualist, researcher or psychic. If Mars conjuct Ketu in 5th house makes a natives detective, surgeon, interest in criminal justice. Such natives may face some sort of problem in their education once in a lifetime either remains incomplete or due to some harsh circumstances they may have to leave education.

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They may get intercaste lovers more. Your lover may have much interest in physical union. You may face any sudden event (especially related to study/education) after the lover enters your life. Also, your intuition power increases or your interest in astrology increases after you come into a love relationship. Faster you come into relationships, in the same way your love breaks are possible. Your interest in love decreases as your age and experience increases in your life. Even if you are in a relationship, you feel detached from your lover which is the main reason of break ups and you not being satisfied.

Such natives are not much attached to their children. Or after marriage they may not be interested in baby planning. Actually they may not care about it, take very lightly. They are weak in handling the children. They do not know how to tackle them. I can see you can make a joint asset with your spouse after the birth of your first child. Or you may face some problem in handling the joint asset after first born. You are likely to get inheritance also. Your child may be spiritual or sacrificing in nature. If you are teacher by profession, you may face some problems in handling the children.

They may be least interested in stock/share market. If they invest in this, may incur losses more than profits. If you want to become a successful trader/stocker or if you are one then you have to improve your strategies. Learn from your seniors in your workplace which will help you grow in this field.

Such natives are not interested in showing their creative/artistic abilities to the world. They do not know how to live life artistically or enjoy life or they do not want to. They may sometimes behave robo like. You get detached from your favorite skill whenever you start practicing it whether you are an actor, painter, gymnast etc. Or you may not get any opportunity to show your skill to people.

Your father may be very spiritual or religious. But also some sort of cut off or misunderstanding is also seen between you both. Same case with your Guru, if any. You may face some blockages in fields like philosophy, law, justice, writing.

If you want to lead a successful life, if you want to pay off your pending karmas fastly try to continuously work on yourself. Analyze your weaknesses and strengths and improve them.

If you face problems in tackling situations with your elder siblings or best friends or in interacting at social meetings, try to get involved with children. Spending more time with children will help you remove obstacles in these areas. Also for fulfilling your desires try to chant your favorite mantra regularly and with dedication.

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