Effects of Ketu in 8th House.

Such natives with Ketu in eight house goes through many sudden events and happenings in their life directly or indirectly. This will be one of the focus point of their life. If your prarabdh are good then you will be able to overcome those events but if you will handle them carelessly situation can also become disastrous for you.

Such natives are very intuitive. They have a lot of hidden knowledge. They would love to pursue in astrology, reiki, tarot. They can also become good psychic readers.

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They deal with other people’s money especially hidden money in their life. So they can do very well as an insurance agent or can also open an insurance company of their own. They give very good advice how and where to invest money.

They may face some issues or misunderstandings with their in-laws or issues while dealing with joint assets with their spouse. So in such case you can avoid making joint assets with your spouse and deal independently with the money. Also I can see that you may face a lot of obstacles or blockages in getting inheritance or you not get at all.

Positive Transformations in such people’s life will only come through dealing with occult science. More you get involved into research work or hidden knowledge more you will get good results. For example: relationship with your spouse will improve. Such individuals feel more about paranormal activities or may have interest in such area. They can also become paranormal experts.

Your grandmother will be very spiritual. But either you may not be able to get love from her or there may be cut off with her. Or sometime if she wants to talk to you or help you, situations may not grant her to do so. You will get spiritual knowledge whenever you go to foreign land or deal with foreign people.

If you want family happiness then you have to love and take care of your mother always. As I can see you may face some misunderstandings with her as well. If will be your duty to sort out matters with her.

Such natives will not be able to save money. They get money in a sudden way and in the same way they loose it. They may not know how to handle money or get confuse whenever they get huge amount of money. Their verbal communication is also very harsh sometimes. As they don’t have any control on their speech. To improve all this, improve your relations with your in-laws, spend quality time with your spouse and practice your favorite occult science.

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