Effects Of Ketu in 11th house.

Focus point of these natives will be their elder siblings, income, desires and society. Either they will not have elder siblings or they will get rebirth as an elder sibling themselves.

Misunderstandings on small issues is seen with their elder siblings. Some sort of separation/ detachment is also seen between you two. Directly or indirectly you will have to deal with the matters related to your elder siblings in your life. Or if you yourself is an elder sibling in your house, you will get responsibilities of your family etc in a very small age.

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Relations between your first child and their spouse will not be very good. His spouse will be loyal but will not be very responsible due to which misunderstandings between them is possible.

Interest of your mother will be in hidden knowledge, occult, mysticism or medical related fields. She can become a very proficient healer / psychic. She may also face piles or blood related health problems.

Your mother-in-law’s financial condition will not be very good. Either she will not have enough money or will not be able to save much. Once in her life she will face a serious issue regarding finance.

You will have to face matters related to wild animals which can be in any form. You have taken birth so that you can spread knowledge about conservation of wild animals. If you get any chance to help wild animals in any way, do it and by doing it you will observe improvements in your relations with your mother’s siblings, your income will increase, mother health will not suffer as I told above.

You will have limited best friends. You become frank with your friends and share your secrets with them. But mostly you get backstabbed by your friends. Or you will not be able to continue friendship with one person for long.

Relations of your father with their younger siblings will not be very good or their will be communication gap between them. Lack of self esteem or will power is seen in your father.

Their may be misunderstanding with your younger siblings. You will not get good neighbors or they may not cooperate with you when needed. You will go for a quick travel or your communication skills will improve or you may start practicing your hobby/artistic skill whenever you get into fight with your younger siblings / neighbors/ online friends and vice versa.

Also, I have observed that whenever such natives get into an argument with their spouse or any type of separation with them, they will get higher promotions/ increment / name fame in their career or profits in their business.

If you are confused because of your education or your concentration and focus is very low or you are facing a lot of breaks in your education, try improving relations with your elder siblings / best friend. Or you may also connect with any NGO in other words try to serve the society in any form.

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