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Nowadays, students want to achieve big heights in their career or in education but are unable to do so due to stress environment and many other reasons. Having big dreams but not able to achieve them is making them depressed. Also, what career or education to choose has also become a tough job for both students and their parents. Many are those who follow their friends, relatives etc that is they follow the crowd blindly without knowing their own capabilities ending up unsatisfied. But career and education should be chosen according to one’s own capabilities which can be known through horoscope. An astrologer can guide you well, will make your tough situation simple by suggesting you options for your career and education in which you can achieve great heights.


There is no one career for a person. Same native at the age of 20 or 21 may be drawn towards arts, music, painting and may dream of becoming a musician, painter or actor but at the age of 27 or 28 he may be doing a high profile marketing job or may be serving the government with a high position. This all is predestined ! All you have to do is to listen to your capabilities and yes a genuine astrologer can make you do so.

Also, one native may be in a government service for years but another one may be serving the government but also be running a big fat business earning a lot more that he is earning through job. So, horoscope differs for each individual. One may have various income sources in life. All depends on the past life karmas. Whether the native will enjoy fruits of his/her karmas or may struggle throughout their life.

First of all, to check the interest and where the native is drawn, analysis of moon and rahu has to be done in the chart. Also, getting a respectable and high profile job has to be seen from 10th and 11th houses of the horoscope. 10th house represents karma, respect, name and fame. Also 11th house is the gain of 10th house representing income sources, gains in societies, recognition and promotions. Saturn and Jupiter are the two most important planets which will decide the career of the native. So, a detailed analysis of both of them has to be done as Jupiter is the jeevakarka and Saturn represents karma. Both in good state in the horoscope can help achieve the native desired job. Afflictions to any one or both of them can create obstacles in achieving their goals. Strong influences on Saturn and Jupiter will indicate the area of interests either in education of career of the native.

After analyzing the above, following has to be taken note of to know the profession/career of the native :

1. 10th house,10th lord, sign in the 10th house.

2. Placement of 10th lord and capricorn sign.

3. House occupied by saturn.

4. Placement of 10th lord in Navamsa (D -9) chart.

5. Planets influencing the 1st house of D-10 chart or 1st house lord of D-10 chart.


Education of the native starts from the home itself. His/her first teacher is his family. Knowledge or education gets according to past life karma. Its the gift of god and its ignorance is treated as the curse of God. Education is the base of life without which one can’t shape or get ample opportunities in their life. Astrology and a genuine astrologer helps and guides both parents and child to select right choice for them as planets in the horoscope indicates the type of education and career child is inclined to.

Mercury represents intelligence and jupiter is the karaka of wisdom and knowledge. Both well placed will bestow their blessings on native which will help native fulfill their aim. Firstly, as i told that 2nd house is the house of education where native learns from his family, secondly 5th house is considered the main house of education and planets posited or influencing this house will decide which stream native will do well in.

Also, both 4th and 5th houses represents the grasping power of the native. If both of the houses are weak, native may not be inclined towards studies and may have low concentration power.

9th house is the house of higher education. Unaffected 9th house and 9th lord will help native achieve higher education in their life.

Now, how astrology helps in overcoming all these obstacles either in education or career ??
We should know that fate is predestined but astrological remedies play a vital role in a student’s life. Astrological remedies will not act as a magic potion but it will definitely help remove obstacles from your path. It will also help achieve your aim by increasing concentration power and inclination towards studies. All you need is right and genuine guidance of an astrologer !

Students who are already engaged in various courses or professional courses like IAS, IPS, IFS etc. preparing for any type of government job and are not able to complete the course due to mental stress and anxieties, getting obstacles like non inclination towards studies, low concentration power, poor sleeping habits, homesickness, unresolved relationship problems, addiction to alcohol and drugs, poor health in clearing the exams or interviews can seek the help of astrology. A genuine astrologer will help you guide the right path and will provide remedies for your problems which will help remove obstacles you are facing either in your career or education.

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